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What is a REALagility™ Webinar?

A REALagility™ webinar is a bitesize virtual session that helps you to understand the principles and practices of Real Agility™.

REALagility™ webinars are led by experienced BERTEIG Consultants and BERTEIG Professionals who have decades of experience as practitioners, coaches and trainers. The webinars are designed to be short and engaging with a high level of participation from the audience.

REALagility™ webinars help everyone to understand why small changes in behaviour can maximize value and happiness created in the workplace.

The Process:

1. Select a date and register for a REALagility™ webinar

2. Do the pre-work before the webinar (if any)

3. Attend the instructor led virtual webinar

4. Get resources related to your REALagility™ webinar by email

Who should attend:

  • Even if you have been doing Agile for years; REALagility webinars serve as a valuable reminder of the details.
  • REALagility™ webinars are great for learning, and serve as a good start to an intensive path of certification.
  • If you are considering using Agile ways of working, REALagility™ webinars are a great opportunity to learn about the best circumstances to use.

The webinars are recommended for Executives, Entrepreneurs, Team Leads, BAs, QAs, HR Managers, Functional Managers and anyone who would like to improve their work environment and improve their skills.

Webinars are for :

  • Team Leads
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Functional Managers
  • Executives
  • Executive Assistants
  • Sales People
  • Inquisitive learners

Who should NOT attend:

If your work does not involve teamwork and problem-solving then Real Agility probably isn’t right for your situation.

By attending a REALagility™ webinar you can expect any of the following:

  • Transformative principles and practices
  • Productivity-boosting tips and tricks
  • Career-enhancing opportunities
  • Inspiring ideas and discussion
  • Thought-provoking information
  • Bias-busting stories and data
  • Valuable resources and references
BERTEIG Benefits:

The BEST informative, practical and inspiring virtual learning environment compressed into just 30 minutes.

Perpetual learning to keep educating yourself between formal learning events.

SEUs | PDUs to support your learning programmes with Scrum Alliance®  or the PMI®


Webinars are delivered by BERTEIG Consultants and BERTEIG Professionals including:

  • Mishkin Berteig, CEO and President of BERTEIG
  • Jerry Doucett, Senior Consultant
  • David Vicentin, Senior Consultant
  • Pedram Malek, Senior Consultant
  • Nica Pourfallah, BERTEIG Professional
  • Tara Jabbari, BERTEIG Professional

I have done various training courses over the years both external and internal to the workplace, I can honestly say this Certified Scrum Master was the best training I have received. It was practical, it didn't feel rushed or watered down. I completed it confident that I could start the next day as a Scrum Master and execute the duties without tripping over my feet too much.

Maja Orlic, Product Manager, September 10, 2020

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