Concentra Proposal and Supplementary Information


The following are supplementary materials for the proposal delivered Feb. 2021.

Sample Deliverables

Sample RAA Report – document

Sample RAA Report – slides

Sample Playbook – document

Sample 1:1 Interview Questions

Consultant Profiles:

Mishkin Berteig

Jerry Doucett

Case Studies

Equitable Life: Agile Adoption and Transformation https://berteig.com/clients/case-study-equitable-life/

AutoTrader: Agile Digital Transformation https://berteig.com/clients/trader/

Sick Kids Foundation https://berteig.com/clients/sickkids-foundation/

Roche: Agile Transformation https://youtu.be/9S2cw52Vx0I

Scotiabank: Agile Transformation https://youtu.be/twI8ulX_zdw

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