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Kanban System Improvement ® (KMP II)

The Kanban System Improvement course gives you the knowledge and tools to optimize services for flow and performance and be an effective Kanban professional.

This 2-day course is the second of two courses towards the coveted Kanban Management Professional® (KMP) credential.

By completing both Kanban System Design® (KMP I) and Kanban Systems Improvement ® (KMP II), participants will achieve the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) designation with Kanban University®.

Certification Process:

1. Prerequisite – Attendance in the Kanban System Design (KMP I) event

2. Select a date and register for a KMP II event

3. Attend a two-day accredited instructor led virtual KMP II event

4. Access your KMP certificate and badge on the Kanban University website

Who should attend:

  • If you have experience applying the Kanban method in your organization and you want to keep momentum going by expanding on the initial improvements realized from the Kanban System Design (KMP I) class.
  • If you want to provide better products and services that lead to higher customer satisfaction and business performance.
  • If you want to design, build, and manage a more streamlined system of delivery.
  • If you want to provide your teams, business partners, and organization with smoother, more predictable work and flow.
  • If you want to grow a continuous learning organization that has an ecosystem of interdependent services.

The Kanban Systems Improvement is strongly recommended for Team Leads and HR Managers who are responsible for creating a high performance work environment, Managers who want to transform their organizations, and Project Managers who need to know how to work with Agile and Scrum teams.

The Kanban Systems Improvement ® class is for those who take responsibility for improving delivery of products and services to customers and for those who want to optimize their businesses.

Kanban Systems Improvement® (KMP II) is for :

  • First and Second Line Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Experienced Individual Contributors and Technical Experts
  • Scrum Masters
  • Business Unit Leaders
  • C-level Executives and,
  • Their Improvement Coaches and Consultants

Who should NOT attend:

People who are purely technical and have little interest in improving work environments or processes, people who are uncomfortable with group exercises and simulations (perhaps you prefer lecture-based instruction), people who aren’t interested in or responsible for team improvement.

By successfully completing the Kanban Systems Improvement ® course, you will be able to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of Kanban practices to sustain evolutionary improvements.
  • Employ ‘pull systems’ at enterprise scale and learn how to implement Kanban Cadences for improved organizational feedback-loop mechanisms.
  • Design and implement a robust Kanban system for your service and teams.
  • Use the Kanban Method to improve the performance of your service to deliver work.
  • Manage shifting priorities, interruptions, dates and other types of work.
  • Understand how Kanban for a service is a step towards Real Agility™.

The above list of learning objectives for Kanban Systems Improvement is in addition to the basic learning objectives required by the Kanban University®.

Internationally recognized KMP credential – Valid for lifetime, no exam, no renewal cost

Listed as Kanban University Alumni with Credentials after Kanban Systems Improvement

Kanban Systems Improvement
16 PDUs | 16 SEUs
for attending KMP II (REP with Scrum Alliance® and PMI®)

Lifetime Membership with Kanban University after Kanban Systems Improvement ® (KMP II)

After Kanban Systems Improvement training you will get the ‘Kanban’ E-book by David J. Anderson

After the Kanban Systems Improvement you will also get the ‘Essential Kanban Condensed’ E-book by David J. Anderson

BERTEIG Benefits:

The BEST informative, practical and inspiring virtual learning environment. No slides! In-depth simulation

Perpetual access to all the content of the course in our learning management system

Free follow-up coaching support from Jerry Doucett (some restrictions apply)*

Progress towards advancing your BERTEIG Professional status

EXCLUSIVE “Agile Advice” e-book

Networking opportunities with agile professionals

Dozens of supplemental learning resources designed to help you create adaptive product teams in any business

Additional discounts including a “pay-it-forward” discount for your colleagues

Jerry Doucett

Jerry Doucett VP Training Services, Senior Consultant and Advisory Instructor

Accredited Kanban Trainer, Agile Enterprise Transformation Expert, ICAgile Certified Instructor, Scrum Inc. Scrum Trainer, SAFe Program Consultant® and Enthusiastic Photographer
Jerry Doucett is a Strategy and Delivery expert, Business Advisor, Leadership Consultant, and Professional Trainer with over 30 years hands-on experience in improving business practices, and developing and delivering learning and development programs for software and process management initiatives.

He is currently responsible for the management, development, and delivery of public and private classes and workshops for our clients, while also serving as a Business Improvement Consultant and Coach leveraging Agile and Lean practices for several enterprise business transformations.

Jerry's approach is to provide guidance to individuals and organizations on four key success pillars:

1) cultivating in-house expertise on business improvement practices that leverage Agile and Lean,
2) defining enterprise change management and implementation strategies,
3) designing and building coaching and training programs to organically grow, manage, and improve sustainable capacity, and
4) developing collaborative, long lasting relationships between business & IT partners.

Jerry’s Story

Teaching has always been a passion for me. I remember several of my primary school teachers saying I should consider being a teacher one day because I seemed to have an inclination for it. In high school I partnered a small start-up company where we taught computers and programming languages to youth on evenings and weekends. Much later during mid 1990’s I taught several University night school classes. I loved all of it, but at the time I never thought I’d actually end up working the front of a classroom.

My first exposure to Scrum was in 2008 as a Project Manager at MapInfo Corporation. There was considerable animosity between business and IT because of project issues so we decided to try Scrum in the hope of bringing business and IT together. Eighteen months later we had transformed most of the global organization (North America, Europe and Asia) by building a scaled system of interconnected Agile services and teams. In essence we were operating as Enterprise Agile Coaches and educators but we didn’t call it that – it’s just what we did.

In 2010 I became an Agile Practice Lead in the Royal Bank of Canada’s Agile Centre of Excellence where I spent about 1/2 of my time building and delivering training classes. This was where I realized I would be happy spending the rest of my career teaching Agility. While at RBC I taught Scrum and Agile classes to over 800 people globally which solidified my desire to teach Scrum and Agile for the rest of my career.

Over the next few years I taught and coached Scrum, Kanban, Lean and Agile at organizations like Telus, Canadian Tire, LoyaltyOne, and Sick Kids Foundation. It was rewarding but I wanted more. Then in 2016 I had the fortune of becoming an instructor and coach at BERTEIG. It’s been a fantastic experience. I’ve delivered hundreds of classes to thousands of people and it’s been very rewarding working alongside many world-class Scrum instructors and learning from them.

In January 2019 I added new height and breadth to my career when I became an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) with Kanban University. Since then it has been an honour to teach and certify people in Kanban as their eyes light up when they realize it is an alternate path to Agility.

The one thing that eluded me was to become a Scrum trainer for a globally recognized certification agency. In 2016 I earned the Scrum Trainer designation with Scrum Inc. This has allowed me the privilege of providing a meaningful certification option and a balanced view of Agility by combining my own knowledge and teaching with the wealth of globally recognized experience at Scrum Inc. and BERTEIG. I’m really enjoying where this path has taken me and how I leverage it to help others achieve their own personal and professional learning goals and outcomes.

After decades working in the Software and IT industry I have finally found the sweet spot where I hope to finish my career – as an Agile trainer with the credentials to certify people with globally recognized agencies in Scrum and Kanban. I am humbled by the opportunity to represent Jeff Sutherland and his team as one of their trainers. Combining that status with my credential from Kanban University as an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) as well as my hands-on experience working in the industry for over 30 years should hopefully provide a balanced and well-rounded experience for any student that chooses to join me in a classroom or learning event.

Jerry Doucett is a Strategy and Delivery expert, Business Advisor, Leadership Consultant, and Professional Trainer with over 30 years hands-on experience in improving business practices, and developing and delivering learning and development programs for software and process management initiatives.

He is currently responsible for the management, development, and delivery of public and private classes and workshops for our clients, while also serving as a Business Improvement Consultant and Coach leveraging Agile and Lean practices for several enterprise business transformations.

For well over a decade Jerry has been supporting Agile transformation strategies. On numerous occasions he has served as an integral coach, mentor, advisor and team member on several enterprise transformation leadership teams including several companies with over 50,000 employees.

Jerry has developed and delivered Agile training for over 3,500 people in Canada and abroad. He has been teaching private Scrum classes under license for Jeff Sutherland and Scrum Inc. since 2016. His tailored materials include everything from introductions to advanced role-focused topics, and target audiences from junior team members to senior executives at multinational corporations. He has contributed many blog and online articles over the last few years, and his book (published October 2018) is “The Scrum Master Guide to Choosing Retrospective Techniques”.

Select Client List:

  • RBC Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Royal Trust, Scotiabank, BMO, Concentra Bank
  • GFSA, London Life Insurance, Great West Life Insurance, Canada Life
  • Carbonite (EVault), Deloitte, TELUS, Canadian Tire, Pitney Bowes
  • LoyaltyOne (AirMiles Corporation), Sick Kids Foundation
  • MapInfo Corporation, ESI Canada, DigiMap, ExtenSys, General Motors
  • Hydro One, Toronto Hydro, North York Hydro, SPL Worldgroup

Certifications and Accreditations:

Accredited Kanban Trainer, Scrum Inc. Scrum Trainer, ICAgile Certified Instructor, Kanban Management Professional

Scrum Alliance® Registered Education Provider, Certified Scrum Professional

Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Certified Scrum Developer, Professional Scrum Master I

SAFe® Program Consultant, Project Management Professional

Prosci ADKAR® Change Management Professional

B.A.A, HONS, Applied Geography, Economics Minor, Ryerson University

Experience Summary

  • Over 30 years in software and process development initiatives
  • Over 20 years of applying project management practices
  • Over 14 years assisting organizations to leverage Agile and Lean approaches
  • Over 10 years assisting enterprise Agile transformations


“I wanted to acknowledge Jerry for his support and mentorship as he was pivotal as I on boarded to a new role within a new department and new Scrum team; a team newly formed and new to Agile. Jerry supported the team through training including User Story Writing and Agile estimation workshops among many. During team lift off Jerry identified that both road map and product backlog were missing from ‘delivering value’ stream and as a result we saw a team with constantly changing focus, a large number of product responsibilities and a lack of clarity on priorities. The Scrum process does facilitate changing priorities, but it doesn’t help the team adapt. This was an extremely challenging experience but a tremendous learning opportunity for me as I had guidance and gained key insights from this experienced Agile Enterprise Coach. I am fortunate to have been able to rely on Jerry’s leadership, experience and coaching. Thank you!” – Angeline Lim, Program Implementation Manager at Loyalty One


2018 – The Scrum Master Guide to Choosing Retrospective Techniques

Book Cover - The Scrum Master Guide to Choosing Retrospective Techniques

(Currently only available on Lulu.com in ePub format.  Click the image for more information.)


Kanban Case Study” – 20190121 – Private Event

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‘Essential Kanban Condensed’ by David J Anderson & Andy Carmichael
Lifetime Membership with Kanban University

I've attended many courses form Berteig and KMP II was by far the best one. The information density was high and the learning is immediately applicable in so many ways.

John Healy, Director - Engineering, Index Exchange, August 02, 2019

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Kanban Systems Improvement ® – KMP II

Why do we charge what we charge for Kanban Systems Improvement ® (KMP II)?
We can justify our Kanban Systems Improvement price in one word: quality. Just read some of the 3000+ testimonials (not ratings, actual written testimonials) from past students and this video testimonial.

We don’t compete on price because we don’t need to!

Reviews for Kanban Systems Improvement ® (KMP II)

  • Better

    Thanks Jerry and team for the great Kanban Management Professionals training and organization!

    June 02, 2021

    Kanban Systems Improvement® (KMPII) Mississauga, ON, Canada

    Hugo Medeiros

    Agile Coach

    Capital One

  • The Best

    Having attended the KMP1 course (Kanban System Design), I came to KMP2 (Kanban System Improvement) with high expectations - and Jerry absolutely did not disappoint! He always gives tons of practical examples from real-world scenarios that cover more than just software development. I now feel armed with a significant toolkit that will help me implement Kanban (successfully) in my organization. Thanks again, Jerry!

    June 02, 2021

    Kanban Systems Improvement® (KMPII) Toronto, ON, Canada

    Emily McGivney

    Agile Adoption Manager


  • Better

    Overall happy with the Kanban Management Professionals. I was able to get ideas on how improvements can be made to our existing Kanban systems. Recommendation to add more examples / scenarios to the Day 2 session to be able to relate to the recommendations[in case you don't have existing practices in your own organization]

    June 02, 2021

    Kanban Systems Improvement® (KMPII) Surrey, BC, Canada

    Deepika Jagdev

    Functional Analyst


  • Better

    Jerry was a great teacher, creating an environment where the participants were engaged, making this virtual classroom not feel as virtual.

    February 28, 2021

    Kanban Systems Improvement® (KMPII) Ottawa, ON, Canada

    Eric Belisle

    Agile Coach


  • Average

    Great experience for an online (Kanban Management Professional) course. Lots of team interactions and discussions that had people talk about real life examples.

    December 22, 2020

    Kanban Systems Improvement® (KMPII) North York, ON, Canada

    Joanna Tivig


    JC Global

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Kanban Systems Improvement ® – KMP II

  1. Motivation for the Kanban Method
  2. Evolutionary Change (a Case Study)
  3. Understanding Kanban Systems
  4. Kanban for the Enterprise
    • Seeing Services
    • Scaling out Across an Organization
    • Upstream Kanban
  5. Roles
  6. Feedback Loops to Improve Service Delivery
  7. Commitment & Replenishment
  8. Conducting Kanban Meetings
  9. Delivery Planning
  10. Communication Flow for Business Agility
    • Conducting Service Delivery Reviews
    • Conducting an Operations Review
    • Risk Review
  11. Improvement Techniques
  12. Understanding Lead Time
  13. Removing Delays
  14. Understanding Variability
  15. Managing Bottlenecks
  16. Economic Costs
  17. Evolutionary Change
  18. Certification & the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM)

Virtual Kanban Systems Improvement is NOT boring!

Transform Your Business From Anywhere

Best KMPII course ever in a hundred percent virtual environment.

Mark M. Costasi, Project Manager, CIBC, April 03, 2020

Live virtual training is delivered based on the Canadian Eastern time zone (ET) from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM. People in different time zones can attend this training on following times.

06:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Vancouver, British Colombia
Seattle, Washington
San Francisco, California
Los Angeles, California
Las Vegas, Nevada

07:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Edmonton, Alberta
Calgary, Alberta
Denver, Colorado
San Jose, Costa Rica

08:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Chicago, Illinois
Dallas, Texas
Mexico City, Mexico
Lima, Peru

09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Ottawa, Ontario
Montreal, Quebec
New York, USA
Boston, Massachusetts
Atlanta, Georgia
Santiago, Chile

10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Charlottetown, PE
Sao Paulo, Brazil

01:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Nouakchott, Mauritania
Conakry, Guinea
Accra, Ghana
Timbuktu, Mali

02:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Abuja, Nigeria
Luanda, Angola

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I enjoyed being there (at the training). You guys are the gold star standard for Agile. Thanks for the training over the years.

Oscar Savoini, Project Manager, Honda Canada, August 31, 2020

The training was great. Very informative and interactive. The BERTEIG team has mastered that art of online learning, you will not be bored. Definitely recommend.

Antoinette Boachie, Consultant, Agile Sales & Marketing, CIBC, October 07, 2020

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BERTEIG clients

Common Questions

  1. Q: Prices are in what currency?
    A: Canadian dollars. 
  2. Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
    A: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We do not invoice for training. Under special circumstances we can also accept wire transfers, personal cheques, PayPal and Purchase Orders. Please contact accounting@berteig.com for special payment arrangements.
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    Within ten (10) business days, no refund is possible for any reason, but we will offer you a spot in a future class at 50% of the normal list price (no other discounts will apply).
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    A: As with cancellation, if your request to change dates is made ten (10) business days prior to the Learning Event, then you can be moved. Please contact info@berteig.com with your name, current course date and requested new course date.
    Within ten (10) business days, no changes are possible for any reason, but we will offer you a spot in another class at 50% of the normal list price (no other discounts will apply).
    In the rare case of family or medical emergencies, please contact us as soon as you can and we will work with you to find a suitable solution.
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    A: Yes, everyone who attends one of our Learning Event is given a discount code to use on other courses or to pass along to coworkers, associates, family and friends.
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    A: In most cases, yes you can. Please contact info@berteig.com with your order number for which you would like the discount applied and your company details.
  9. Q: Is your training tax deductible and can I get a T2202A slip?
    A: No, our training is not eligible for tax deductions. We do not give T2202A slips. T2202A slips are usually issued from Post Secondary Education Institutions like a college or university. We are not such an institution. Purchasing our training is more like purchasing a book or a ticket to an event.
      1. Q: How do I become a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)?
        A: Scrum Alliance® is the governing body for this certification and BERTEIG is licensed to deliver the training portion. Full details may be found at https://www.scrumalliance.org/get-certified/practitioners/csm-certification. The training component of the CSM designation is available either by attending one of BERTEIG’s virtual public Learning Events or as part of a designated CSM in-house private Learning Event.
      2. Q: What is included in becoming a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)?
        A: The Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) online training that we offer includes all the materials that are needed to complete the 'training part' of the certification. There is no extra fee for the CSM online test, it is included in your registration with us. Once you have completed the training, you will receive an email within 1 week to complete the remaining step to get your certification. Full instructions will be provided in class, but don't worry, the test is straightforward! If you want to study, please consider reading the Scrum Guide.
      3. Q: How do I become a Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO)?
        A: Scrum Alliance® is the governing body for this certification and BERTEIG is licensed to deliver the training portion. Full details may be found at https://www.scrumalliance.org/get-certified/practitioners/cspo-certification. The training component of the CSPO designation is available either by attending one of BERTEIG’s virtual public Learning Events or as part of a designated CSPO in-house private Learning Event.
      4. Q: How do I get SAFe® Scaled Agilist Certification (SA) from Scaled Agile®?
        A: Scaled Agile® is the governing body for this certification and BERTEIG is licensed to deliver the training portion. Full details may be found at https://www.scaledagile.com/certification/courses/leading-safe. The training component of the SA® designation is available only by attending BERTEIG’s virtual designated SA in-house private Learning Event.
        We do not offer SAFe® training as a public enrolment course as it is highly contextual curriculum.
      5. Q: Where can I find more information about SAFe® training and certification?
        A: The best source of information is always directly from Scaled Agile at http://www.scaledagile.com. BERTEIG also maintains our own SAFe® FAQ page at https://berteig.com/faq-safe.
      6. Q: How do I become certified as an OpenAgile® Team Member (OATM)?
        A: The OpenAgile Center for Learning is the governing body for this certification. Full details may be found at http://www.openagile.com/TeamMember. The training component of the OATM designation is available either by attending a virtual designated OATM in-house private Learning Event.
      7. Q: How do I become a PMI® Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)?
        A: The Project Management Institute® (PMI) is the governing body for this certification. Full details may be found at https://www.pmi.org/certifications/types/agile-acp. The training component of the PMI-ACP® designation is available either by attending a designated virtual PMI-ACP in-house private Learning Event.
      8. Q: How do I become certified as a Team Kanban Practitioner® (TKP)?
        A: Kanban University® (KU) is the governing body for this certification. Full details may be found at https://leankanban.com/team-kanban. The training component of the TKP designation is available either by attending one of BERTEIG’s virtual public Learning Events or as part of a designated virtual TKP in-house private Learning Event.
      9. Q: How do I become certified as a Kanban Management Professional (KMP)?
        A: Kanban University® (KU) is the governing body for this certification. Full details may be found at https://leankanban.com/kmp-program. Note this is a two-class certification – you must complete BOTH the Kanban Systems Design® (KMP I) class AND the Kanban System Improvement® (KMP II) class. The training component of the KMP® designation is available either by attending BERTEIG virtual public Learning Events or as part of designated in-house private Learning Events.
      10. Q:How do I become a Scrum Inc. Scrum Master Product Owner® (SSMPO)?
        A: Scrum Inc® is the governing body for this certification and BERTEIG is licensed to deliver the training portion. Full details may be found at https://agileeducation.org. The training component of the SSMPO designation is available either by attending one of BERTEIG’s virtual public Learning Events or as part of a designated in-house private Learning Event.
      11. Q:How can I claim my CSM® or CSPO® or SSMPO® class for PDUs from PMI®?
        A: Please log in to your account on the PMI Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS) website at https://ccrs.pmi.org and enter the details of your learning experience to claim the hours. Be sure to enter all the details of the class you took (CSM or CSPO or SSMPO) to claim the appropriate PDUs (16 for 2-day and 24 for 3-day).
      12. Q: How can I claim other BERTEIG event PDUs from PMI®?
        A: If you have completed a Learning Event with BERTEIG that has appropriate content e.g. BERTEIG MicroLearning™ you may claim the PDUs as private learning hours on the PMI-CCRS website.
        If asked, you may need to show evidence of registration or attendance for the class. Obtaining PDUs is your responsibility and for more information, please refer to the PMI-CCR Certification Requirements Handbook at https://www.pmi.org/-/media/pmi/documents/public/pdf/certifications/ccr-certification-requirements-handbook.pdf?la=en.
  1. Q: What if I'm shy and don't like interacting with people?
    A: Our virtual Learning Events are highly interactive and we make them safe and comfortable for even the most shy people! Our facilitators are experts in creating an online environment where everyone is encouraged to participate without forcing you to do things or say things that might be uncomfortable. This is not like school. This is not like a university lecture. This is not like a high-pressure business meeting.
  2. Q: What if I'm just coming to get a certification?
    A: Okay! We know lots of people who have come to our virtual Learning Events in the past to only achieve a valuable certification. They have told us in no uncertain terms that it was still the best "course" they have ever attended, they learned far more than they expected to, and that they were excited to apply what they learned as soon as possible. Sure, you can attend just for the certification!
  3. Q: What do I need to do to prepare for the online course?
    A:There are three things you must do beforehand to prepare for BERTEIG online Learning Events.
    1. Complete pre-work at training.berteig.com
    2. Set up Zoom for video conferencing
    3. Get familiar with Miro whiteboard collaboration
    For most Learning Events, there is some pre-work which must be completed before the class begins. Failure to do so, will mean rescheduling and application of the $150 Rescheduling Fee.
    Check the description of your Learning Event to see if there are any special requirements.
  4. Q: Do I need a laptop or can I use my phone?
    A: You will need a laptop or desktop for the BERTEIG Learning events. Handheld devices such as tablets and phones are not suitable for the interactive nature of the classes.
  5. Q: Do you provide copies of your slides?
    A: First of all, we usually don't use slides in our Learning Events - instead we have a moderate number of handouts and these are accessed in one place using the BERTEIG Learning Management System (LMS).
    The only exception to this is the SAFe training classes where we are a delivery partner and the materials come directly from Scaled Agile - in those classes there are typically a lot of slides to go through in the training.
  6. Q: When does my Learning Event start and finish?
    A: Normally our Learning Events start at 9:00am sharp and end by 4:30pm (Eastern Time +5:00 GMT). Some Learning Events may have other schedules. Please read the page about your particular Learning Event to know exactly what time it starts and ends. Be mindful that some courses have a substantial Theory portion that needs to be completed prior to the Classroom start.
  7. Q: Do you offer your virtual Learning Events as private sessions?
    A: Yes. Please contact sales@berteig.com for more information and to receive a quote. Typically 'in-house' virtual sessions are scheduled six or more weeks after a contract has been signed - please ask for a quote as soon as possible if you think your need is urgent!
    We can also create custom online Learning Events for an additional fee. We even do train-the-trainer programs for larger organizations who wish to leverage in-house staff.
    Generally, we avoid doing the CSM, CSPO and SSMPO Learning Events as private virtual classes, and we encourage you to attend with your group to a public scheduled session.
  8. Q: What if I have an emergency and have to leave for some/part/most of the virtual class?
    A: It depends on the emergency. If it is a medical emergency for yourself or a family member, we will work with you to either re-schedule or refund your money depending on circumstances. We don't have a fixed policy about this.
    For work related emergencies, we will not issue a refund, but will offer a spot to you at a future course at a 50% discount rate.
  9. Q: What does it mean when a session is "Guaranteed To Run"?
    A:  Most BERTEIG Learning Events are given this designation, which means that if it's scheduled, we will run the class, even with just a few people registered. We do this to respect the time you have allotted to learning. Occasionally something may prevent us from running the class e.g. a health emergency, however we will do everything we can under normal circumstances to run scheduled classes; we take this seriously and it is our commitment to you.
  10. Q: Do you recommend any supplemental learning resources?
    A: Yes. We have a list of recommended reading for agility that is organized by type of BERTEIG Learning Event.
  1. Q: Does BERTEIG partner with others to advertise and deliver training?
    A: Yes. We partner with training resellers who can reach a different audience than the companies we normally serve. If you have a question about our resellers or if you are interested in establishing a partnership relationship please contact sales@berteig.com.
  2. Q: I am a trainer myself. Can I list my courses on this website?
    A: No. This is one type of partnership that we are considering but have not yet established. If you are interested in this type of partnership, please contact sales@berteig.com.
We are a referral centric business. And as such, we stand ready, willing and passionately able to serve anybody important to you by giving them perspective, advice, recommendations, and treating them in a very special way.