RAASA Data Collection and Retention Policy

The data you provide about your organization is used for the sole purpose of administering the RAASA. We do not collect personal information for RAASA or for any other purpose. We do not send newsletters, nor any other commercial nor transactional email to participants in the survey unless they are already part of our double-opt-in email lists, or are otherwise our client.

We use a third party system called Alchemer to administer the survey itself. Alchemer is not given any of the personal information you provide to BERTEIG. Your participants access Alchemer and are “tracked” by an organization code and a tracking code. These codes allow us to separate your organization’s results from those of other organizations, and should you run the RAASA with us multiple times, the tracking code allows us to separate each run’s results from the others.

To be clear: all your participants gets the same organization code and tracking code so those codes cannot be used to track individual responses back to the specific participants in the survey. The responses are therefore anonymous.

We do not provide you with the raw data as, rarely, individuals may provide survey responses that would allow an insider to determine, solely from the responses, who wrote the responses. This is to provide true safety and confidentiality to the participants.

BERTEIG retains all the raw data of the survey responses both on Alchemer and on our own servers. You are provided with summaries and analysis of that data in a report.