Real Agility at Suncor

$10M / year saved - high-performance management team created.

Real Agility at Equitable Life

Time to market reduced from 6 months to 2 weeks.

Real Agility at Siemens

4 teams did the work of 12 in half the time expected.

Enterprise Agility – Taming the Bureaucratic Beast!

Enterprise Agility - Taming the Bureaucratic BeastBerteig’s Real Agility Program has revolutionized mid-size organizations for the past 10 years! Focused in southern Ontario, Canada, but reaching internationally to the US, Europe and Asia, Real Agility coaches have helped over 38 organizations with 98 teams (and counting!) launch Enterprise Agility initiatives by building capacity in individuals, creating efficient processes and launching a continuous improvement culture.  This is the dynamic Power of REALagility.

Enterprise Agility Client: AIMIAAIMIA Proprietary Loyalty Canada embarked on its Agile transformation in 2012. Having been through a number of Agile transformations in the past, I knew the importance of an experienced external Agile training and coaching partner to help kick start our transformation. Berteig did an excellent job of adapting their approach to our unique culture and circumstances. The coaches that worked with us did a great job of guiding us through the transformation and ensuring we became self-sufficient. With Berteig’s wide network, we also benefitted from collaboration with others in the Agile community. Over 3 years later, Agile remains entrenched in our business and is a key enabler in delivering value to our business and our clients – thanks to the great kick-start provided by Berteig. – Frank Leong, VP

Real Agility combines sustainable state-of-the-art Enterprise Agile change practices with highly efficient Lean tools in a transformation program which turns challenges such as competitive threats, internal problems, or urgent windows of opportunities into success, achievement, and growth for the organization.

Agile Transformation Case Studies

Enterprise Agility at Suncor - logoSuncor’s mining projects department invested in a six-month Real Agility Program. As a direct result, the department saved $10M/year on their next year’s budget and created an environment where team cohesion was so high that staff loved their work again. One individual expressed regret that he was so close to retirement: “I wish Agile had come here ten years ago!”

Enterprise Agility at Equitable Life - logoEquitable Life of Canada’s IT management created an organization with such high performance that IT finished four and a half years of work in one and a half years. For several months teams were idling at 20% utilization simply because the business side of the organization could not provide enough work to keep IT busy. Time-to-market for a typical project was reduced from 4 months down to just 2 weeks. Defect rates dropped down to zero.

[Originally] over a thousand pages of documentation to drop the price. The whole thing took us about four months…. I went to my business partners and said “this is absolutely ridiculous…. We gotta do somthing different.” and we moved to Agile. The team that we gave the project to had been together for eighteen months. We got it down to three cycles or one and a half months. [Now] we can do it in a cycle [two weeks] if we had to do it again. – Cam Crosbie, CIO

Enterprise Agility at Siemens - logoSiemens started twelve teams working on a large project. Projected work was going to take four years and cost too much money. The Real Agility Program helped improve the performance of four of the delivery teams at Siemens so that they could re-purpose the other eight delivery teams and they were able to complete the work in two years instead of four: a 6x productivity improvement!

The REALagility Program Tracks

The Real Agility Program comprises four lines of action or “tracks.”  These tracks are custom designed according to a carefully structured and customized plan to address the challenges and advance the solutions of each client organization.

TRACK 1) ASSESSMENT: Real Agility coaches provide a comprehensive set of recommendations after in depth consultation and evaluation. These recommendations focus on strategies to double the productivity of the organization and achieve enterprise Agility.

TRACK 2) DELIVERY: Real Agility coaches support staff teams to boost their creativity, inspire their innovation, improve the quality of results, increase their engagement and advance their productivity using a transformative team development approach.

TRACK 3) MANAGEMENT: By accompanying a cohort of mid-level managers to learn the techniques, to develop new skills and to apply them directly, experienced Real Agility coaches ensure the organization sustains its progress into the future.

TRACK 4) LEADERSHIP: Real Agility coaches support leadership teams to develop good strategic management skills through systematic culture change to ensure that critical success factors are managed by the people who wield both the authority and influence necessary to succeed.

Creating a high performance culture is challenging work. The bottom line results of Real Agility can be astonishing. Clients such as Suncor Energy, Equitable Life of Canada, Siemens and AIMIA found Real Agility dramatically reduced their investment of time and effort to get to a high performance culture while at the same time reducing risks.  With commitment and dedication from an organization’s leadership team, Clients often see a ten-to-one return on investment within two years of using the Real Agility Program.

Berteig – The Power of REALagility

Transforming People, Process and Culture to create enterprise Agility.

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