Nima Honarmandan

Nima Honarmandan Client Services

After completing his degree in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Nima decided to take some time to explore the globe and he worked for an NGO abroad for a few years. He came to the conclusion that he liked helping people a lot and would like to make a career doing that – embracing ‘Agile for business’ was a perfect fit.

After a successful career in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales; Nima has found his passion helping business people get the most out of their staff by empowering them with Agile processes.

Nima is a longstanding member of the BERTEIG team and is committed to helping businesses transform their people, process and culture.


Experience Summary

  • Over 15 years of experience in business development
  • Over 12 years of experience in sales and marketing
  • Over 5 years experience helping business adopt Scrum and other Agile methods

Nima is deeply concerned about the well-being of staff and believes everyone has the ability to shine in their role. Nima is focussed on helping organizations think about the return on their investment – in the people they employ – and how this investment will result in improved work performance and happier, more motivated staff.

The BERTEIG Loyalty Program is proudly overseen by Nima as it continues to evolve and offer BERTEIG clients more value.



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